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Client:  Plus Dane Housing Association, Liverpool.

Plus Dane Housing Group is a housing association based in the North Midlands and Merseyside, and the Group have consistently performed in the top 100 companies within the UK.

Ann was asked to assist the business and senior management team focus upon developing their current and future leadership capabilities, to enable the business to operate even more effectively and to maintain its top 100 company status.

What We Delivered: 

Ann worked with the senior management team to develop a programme of activities to address:

  • Clarify and addressing Business priorities and to complete an action plan.  What needs to be done, how it can be completed and who takes the initiative on which topics.
  • Review progress and identify key areas for the business
  • Involving and engaging the whole organisation to deliver the business priorities
  • Deliver a Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) for each member of the SMT and the SMT as a group.
  • Review progress and identify way forward for Plus Dane SMT.

Ann helped the SMT to both identify strengths as well as areas where more work is needed, and helped show how each manager could develop the skills necessary to achieve more for themselves, the department and the business.

The resulting action plan, feedback reports from the workshop sessions were then used to develop a number of management development programmes, involving the SMT and departments within Plus Dane.

These covered a variety of topics, from identifying what a leader is and what they do, to how to coach your team to bring about effective performance, and how to address change within the organisation.

The Results:  

"Ann is an exceptional coach, trainer and leadership consultant. I first witnessed her impact at the Coaching Academy where her training and presentation style had made a lasting impression on delegates, including me. I went on to hire Ann to develop the Plus Dane senior management team at a time of significant organisational change. Her personable approach, highly professional style and deep knowledge of leadership behaviour made an invaluable contribution to ensuring that change was delivered effectively and with full engagement of the team. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with!" 

Sasha Deepwell, Managing Director (Merseyside)

Plus Dane Group

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