Make Up Lesson

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to learn. If so, it might be time for an update.

In this lesson Ann will teach you how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring and personality. You take away a personalised workbook detailing all the advice given to you, plus hints and tips to keep you looking your best.
A make-up lesson will show you:

  • How to best care for your skin.
  • A fast and simple make-up routine.
  • Make-up colours that suit you naturally.
  • Application tips for a long-lasting look.
  • Make-up looks for your special occasions.

How it works

To ensure that you get to grips with the techniques and applications that Ann shows you, you'll be taken through the make-up application process slowly. You will be given time to see exactly how we apply the products and the various shades that will flatter you. There's plenty of time to discuss different looks and ask questions, and so that you remember everything, Ann will record all her advice in your personal beauty workbook.

A full range of Colour Me Beautiful make-up and skin care products are available to try and buy from Ann during your make-up lesson or from her online shop.  You can pay by Pay-Pal.

Make up lessons are ideal for groups as well as individuals.  So if you, your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy a make-up lesson then just contact Ann now!

Make-up Prescription

A make-up prescription is a great way to meet Ann and find out more about colour me beautiful and colour analysis.

A make-up prescription will give you :

  • A brief assessment of your dominant colour type.
  • A check through your make-up bag to see which of your products work well for you.
  • A full make up in your best colours.

How it works

Take along your make-up bag to Ann, who will have a look and advise you which of your existing products are really working for you, and which ones are not earning their keep.

You'll have a chance to try on make-up from the colour me beautiful cosmetic range and you'll receive a list of shades from our range which will suit you best.

After seeing the range of colours that work for your make-up you may want to consider booking a full colour analysis so that you can apply your best colours to your wardrobe too!

A make-up prescription is ideal for groups as well as individuals. So, if your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy a make-up prescription then just contact Ann. For a more in-depth analysis of your best make-up colours consider a make-up lesson or a colour analysis.