Bridegroom Services

He may appear to be un-fazed by all the preparations but he undoubtedly wants to look his very best on the day too!

And if he needs a gentle steer in the right sartorial direction, why not book an appointment with Ann?

Ann can help in ensuring that your wedding style and colour scheme is carried through to the groom and compliments him too. Best of all, the tips he’ll learn apply to his every day wardrobe as well!

A groom's image consultation will show:
  • Which shades suit his colouring and complement him best.
  • The best colours to wear on his big day to complement both him and his new bride.
  • How to combine colours and patterns for both formal and casual wear.
  • The best options for jackets, shirts and trousers for his build.
  • What to look out for to get the right fit, every time.
  • How he can develop a co-ordinated wardrobe to ensure that he gets value for money out of his clothing investments.
  • The best way to wear his hair to suit his face shape and advice on accessories and eyewear to give the all important finishing touches