One to One Corporate Consultation

Whether we care to admit it or not we all make snap assessments of other people based on the way they look.
Judgement is passed on another person's values, background and capabilities within moments of meeting, even before proper personal contact has been established.
The way in which you present yourself has a direct influence on how others perceive your abilities including your sense of quality, professionalism, creativity and how you value yourself. A poor image is self defeating. It only succeeds in hiding your true qualities and abilities. Image affects performance. If you look good and dress appropriately to your role and the situation, you get more recognition from others, not just because of your clothes but because you look the part and exude confidence.

Image programmes

Image programmes advise attendees on how to dress appropriately in all business situations, thereby projecting an image of confidence, credibility and success.

Each programme:

  • Is tailor-made to your specific requirements.
  • Is designed to cater for all types of businesses and levels of attendees.
  • Places emphasis on the need to portray the corporate image in your business.

Sessions can be customised to suit the required objectives, duration and cost, to cover your requirments.

Contact Ann to organise your One to One consultation and to discuss how that you can improve on your corporate image.